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MyMedLab offers an efficient, affordable, and confidential solution to medical laboratory testing. Members are able to browse a wide array of medical laboratory tests, become informed on both the tests and diseases, and have the ability to purchase the medical lab test directly on the website. MyMedLab's online solution is centralized around the PHR (Personal Health Record) system and allows the member to see specific test results and monitor their overall health.

  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Confidential
  • Quality and confidentiality are guaranteed
  • Cost savings of up to 50% off retail prices

Tests are available for all types of laboratory tests without a physician's order, and at nearly half the typical cost.

Order online or by phone, saving you both time and money

  • No co-pays
  • No deductibles
  • You DON'T need a medical exam
  • You DON'T need a prescription

Members can receive an average of 40% savings on routine blood tests when members pay in advance for tests. Members can take advantage of direct-to-consumer laboratory testing with this service.

Our direct-to-consumer medical laboratory testing company provides a convenient, confidential, reliable and affordable way for members to take control of their healthcare costs.

All lab tests are performed by nationally recognized and CLIA Certified laboratories. You decide who receives the results.


Q: Who can use the Lab Service?

  • Anyone, regardless of whether there is a medical health plan in place or not can use the Lab Service.
  • Those who are “heavy users” of medical testing where insurance doesn’t cover their testing , the Lab Service has no waiting periods or preexisting condition limitations on testing.
  • Anyone with a high deductible or Health Savings Account plan.
  • Anyone in a “waiting period” for insurance.
  • Anyone with a mini med or limited benefit health plan.
  • Anyone with a temporary major medical plan.
  • Part- time employees.
  • Independent Contractors.
  • The uninsured.
  • Anyone who can’t afford to have their dependents on a group plan.
  • Self-funded plans where the employer wants to save money on the company's health benefits plan.
  • Anyone who needs frequent testing for the same test or condition.
  • Anyone with an ongoing medical condition not covered by their health plan.
  • Associations and Unions.
  • Associations with members who require frequent testing including medical conditions, truck drivers, and others.

Q: What is the testing procedure?

A: You may order online or by phone. We then refer you to the laboratory with the Patient Service Center most convenient to your home or office, where the blood is drawn by a certified phlebotomist. The results are received by our office generally within 48-72 hours and e-mailed confidentially to you.

Q: Is the Lab service covered by my insurance?

A: We do not file insurance claims. Some insurance plans have a "wellness" or "prevention" benefits, you should contact your carrier for that information. We can provide you with the procedure CPT codes so you may file for reimbursement.

Q: Do I need an appointment?

A: An appointment is usually not required at most Lab Patient Service Centers. However, we encourage our customers to call the most convenient Patient Service Center to find out if an appointment is needed.

Q: What is a Patient Service Center?

A: Certified laboratories have Patient Service Centers throughout the United States where patients have their blood drawn. These are staffed by licensed phlebotomists and the same facilities referred to by Doctors.

Q: Is there a Patient Service Center near me?

A: Our Lab Service uses only nationwide CLIA-certified Medical Reference Laboratories with Patient Service Centers close to where you live or work for the blood draw. Special arrangements can be made for an area without a facility.

Q: Should I fast before taking the tests?

A: Please contact your physician or the lab testing site to find out about fasting requirements.

Q: When will I receive the results?

A: You can expect to receive the results by e-mail usually within 48-96 hours after your blood is drawn for serum tests. Results from the specialty labs on hair, saliva, urine, and stool may take a week or longer. Cultures, Reflex, and Specialty Test may take 14-28 days.

Q: Are the results available online?

A: Your results will be emailed to you, usually within 48-96 hours.

Q: Are the results confidential?

A: Absolutely. We respect your privacy and maintain confidentiality. You are the only one who receives the results unless you specifically direct us otherwise, with a signed HIPAA release. TO ASSURE COMPLETE PRIVACY, ALL RESULTS FOR STD TESTING MUST BE RETRIEVED BY CALLING the toll-free customer service number, AFTER TESTING IS COMPLETE. All other results will be sent by email. If you have any questions, please call our Customer Service Specialists.

Q: Will I be able to understand the test results?

A: You should consult with your physician regarding your test results.

Q: How reliable are the results?

A: We use the leading national laboratories, which are fully accredited, licensed Medical Reference Labs. These are the same labs your physician uses.

Q: Will my doctor see the results or receive a copy?

A: We deal directly, confidentially with you and email the results to you only. We do recommend that you take a copy of the results with you when you visit your Doctor; or you may complete and return (submit, fax or mail) this HIPAA release if you do want a third party to receive the results as well. If you sign the HIPAA Release Form and direct us to send your doctor the results, the results will be forwarded to your doctor.

Q: What if I receive an abnormal value?

A: Abnormalities should be considered an early warning, but do not necessarily mean you have an illness or disease. We strongly recommend you discuss the results with your Doctor for evaluation, further testing, and diagnosis.

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