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Welcome to the WeEnrollRx Card program. To start saving money right away, select a category on the left. Use the tabs at the top of each category page to help you navigate to the information you need.

Because this is not insurance you and any member of your household can use the WeEnrollRx Card as often and at any participating provider you wish. The savings are immediate and 100% yours! All you have to do is show your WeEnrollRx Card and pay for the services AT THE DISCOUNTED RATE when they are provided.

1. Rx DISCOUNT BENEFIT: We have had WeEnrollRx Card members who have reported savings up to 65% on the prescription drug prices. We have a nationwide network of over 59,000 pharmacies, including major chains and community pharmacies. Your actual savings may vary depending on the medication and the pharmacy you use. Click here to find a participating pharmacy near you or to check the estimated cost of a prescription drug.

2. OUTLOOK VISION DISCOUNT BENEFIT: To find a provider, Click here or call 800.342.7188, then simply present your card at a participating provider to receive your discount. Also inquire about discounts on hearing aids offered by OUTLOOK.

3. DENTEMAX DENTAL DISCOUNT BENEFIT: To find a provider, Click here, then simply present your card at a participating provider to receive your discount.

4. PREPAID LAB & IMAGING DISCOUNT BENEFIT: Save up to 50% or more on Lab & Imaging tests. Click here or call 800.903.3921 for more information.

WellCardRx is a prescription discount program for the uninsured and underinsured. If you normally pay cash for your prescription medication and would like to lower your prescription costs, enroll now.

This plan is not insurance.

Savings are based on per script basis at the time of inquiry and are not guaranteed.

$4 generics will not receive further discounts.

All logos and trademarks/service marks are the property of their respective owners, and do not imply endorsement of any discount or services.